Welcome to EQRecipes, the web site that helps you find out what recipes you could learn to get to 350 in a specific tradeskill !
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Recipe file(s) :
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Instructions :
1) inside EverQuest, type /outputfile recipes <tradeskill>
2) click the Browse button and select the file <character_server>-<tradeskill>-Recipes.txt in your EQ folder
3) click the Upload button and see a list of all recipes you haven't learned yet, they will help you get to 350.
4) for each recipe, you can find its detail on EQTraders or Zam. Good luck !

Valid values for <tradeskill> are : Alchemy - Baking - Blacksmithing - Brewing - Fishing - Fletching - Jewelry Making - Poisonmaking - Pottery - Research - Tailoring - Tinkering
Note : Poisonmaking produces a "Make Poison-Recipes.txt" file

Total number of recipes / Estimated required number of recipes to get to 350 :
Alchemy : 609 total, 564 required
Baking : 754 total, 698 required
Blacksmithing : 2195 total, 1939 required
Brewing : 345 total, 302 required
Fishing : 150 total, 122 required
Fletching : 995 total, 879 required
Jewelry Making : 1442 total, 1279 required
Poisonmaking : 646 total, 543 required
Pottery : 2169 total, 2014 required
Research : 4073 total, 2570 required
Tailoring : 2291 total, 2078 required
Tinkering : 848 total, 793 required
+ 4 recipes waiting to be processed.

Please contact us if you know the detail of one of those recipes :
1098 Oil of Vitriol (Research) submitted by tuladen
7332 Spell: Providence Rk. II (Research) submitted by drinal.Ytoiv
7647 Song: Pests of the Piper Rk. II (Research) submitted by luclin.Bawen
48532 Spell: Glorious Vindication Rk. II (Research) submitted by antonius.Tanith

Basic use : submit 1 or more Recipes.txt files and it will display all the recipes you're still missing, with a link to each recipe on EQTraders.

Advanced use : submit 1 or more Recipes.txt and Inventory.txt files, and it will display up to 500 of the recipes you're still missing for which you have at least 1 required component that's not just bought from a merchant. For example, if you're missing the baking Vegetable Oil recipe, it will show it if you have at least 1 Vegetables in inventory, and won't take into account any Water Flask in inventory that you could buy from a merchant anyway.